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The front adjustable jacket style BCD, and the added comfort of the soft backpad and padded cummerbund, make the FOCUS perfect edition to any recreational diver’s gear locker.  The six stainless steel D-rings, retractor D-ring, accessory webbing hook and two expandable zippered utility pocket provides ample storage to keep the diver streamlined in the water. 

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F8 Regulator

The legendary Zeagle first stage, complemented with a new high-performing flagship 2nd stage. The result, the best performing diaphragm regulator on the market today.

In partnership with Atomic Aquatics, we engineered over 20 different improvements on everything from inner mechanisms and materials to exterior controls and aesthetics. The F8 breathes better, works harder and lasts longer than any other regulator we’ve ever made. 

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Kit F8 + Resort

Kit F8 + Resort